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Melges 32 Australian Championship Day One blown out

19 April 2013

Competitors spent this morning studying weather sites hopeful the forecast would change for day one of the 2013 Melges 32 Australian Championship. At 11am Class President Kim Williams, PRO Steve Tucker and MHYC Vice Commodore Racing Phil Clinton headed out to the harbor to assess the racecourse. After a one hour postponement where crews mingled and worked on boats a skippers meeting was called at the Sandbar, the wind continuing to increase as skippers conferred. The damaging wind warning of south westerly winds 30 to 40 knots sealed the decision and racing was abandoned for Friday.

Greg Prescott on 2Unlimited commented when asked how the weather conditions would affect their Championships, “It doesn’t, we’re looking forward to racing but it’s not worth risking breakages on day one of the regatta. Saturdays forecast looks better and we can get the two missed races in over the weekend.”

The afternoon was not wasted with owners bringing forward the Australian fleet AGM scheduled for Saturday morning.  

Saturday's forecast is southerly winds 19 to 22 knots. Racing will start an hour earlier, competitors are fully prepared and keen to hit the line for some exciting racing.


Tracey Walters