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New Dates For Miami 2014 Melges 32 World Championship, December 1-7

30 July 2013

All Melges 32 teams worldwide are encouraged to check and mark their calendars immediately. The originally proposed dates for the 2014 World Championship of December 4-13 have changed. The new dates are December 1-7, 2014. The events schedule located online has been updated to reflect this change.

Hosted from Miami Beach Marina in Miami, FL, the new dates propose a more fun and fast holiday approach commencing with practice racing on December 1-2 (Monday-Tuesday), followed by five straight days of the very best World Championship racing on December 3-7 (Wednesday-Sunday).

A recent survey provided to the worldwide membership of the Melges 32 Class provided the following results:

Which of the below proposed dates for the 2014 World Championship would you most likely attend?

OPTION A: (4.3%)
December 4-13, 2014 (Pre-Worlds: December 4-7 (Thursday-Sunday), Layday: December 8 (Monday), Racing: December 9-13 (Tuesday-Saturday) - FIVE DAYS OF RACING

OPTION B: (26.1%)
November 6-15, 2014 (Pre-Worlds: November 6-9 (Thursday-Sunday), Layday: December 10 (Monday), Racing: November 11-15 (Tuesday-Saturday) - FIVE DAYS OF RACING

OPTION C: (4.3%)
December 2-9, 2014 (Pre-Worlds: December 2-3 (Tuesday-Wednesday), Layday: December 4 (Thursday), Racing: December 5-9 (Friday-Tuesday) - FIVE DAYS OF RACING

OPTION D: (65.2%)
December 1-7, 2014 (Pre-Worlds: December 1-2 (Monday-Tuesday), Racing: December 3-7 (Wednesday-Sunday) - FIVE DAYS OF RACING

A complete 2014 Melges 32 North American Schedule is now also available online at melges32.com.