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Special Thanks to 2013 Melges 32 World Championship Sponsors and Supporters

22 September 2013


Porto Rotondo, Italy - Many people are always involved in making a World Championship the pinnacle event of the season. The International Melges 32 Class Association (IM32CA) feels privileged to have a fleet of sponsors and supporters, administrative assistants, top-notch builders and resources that make it the most unique in the world of one design performance yacht racing.

The 2013 Melges 32 World Championship has been nothing short of success all due in part to the following:

The Yacht Club Porto Rotondo has played the perfect host as their warm hospitality and impeccable support to the class has made every detail possible, making the Worlds the very best in 2013. In particular, a very special thanks to Nanni Ono and his incredible staff. Their support not only to the class, but also the race officials, jury, press and media teams has been first class.

A long time partner of the IM32CA, the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda has delivered sheer perfection on the water, alongside of IM32CA appointed PRO Hank Stuart. Their support extended well beyond the sea, as last Wednesday, YCCS presented the fleet with a magnificent dinner in Porto Cervo. We cannot extend enough gratitude and appreciation for our great friends at YCCS, most especially to Edoardo Recchi.

Since 2009, B.Plan Sports & Events has been one of the class' greatest partners as our sponsorship from Audi is managed by their very professional team. The IM32CA wishes to thank Riccardo Simoneschi for his strong support of the Melges 32 Class as well as his unwavering passion for the sport of sailing. (www.bpse.it)

And lastly, but in no shape or form least, is the impeccable team - our family at Melges Europe. Federico Michetti and most especially, the lovely Luisa Bambozzi continue to support the Melges 32 Class worldwide on so many levels. From product support and customer service, Melges Europe strives everyday to bring the fleet the very best from every aspect of Melges 32 ownership and management. (www.melgeseurope.com)

The IM32CA would also like to extend many thanks to our press partners worldwide. In 2013, the class embarked on live streaming of the racing in Porto Rotondo from start to finish. Many thanks as always to Stefano Bareggi with Melges Europe, as well as the wonderful commentary and talents of Andrea Falcon with
Giornale Dela Vela.

Special thanks to the Mascalzone Latino and Azimut by STIG support ribs for providing members of the official Melges 32 World Championship press team with periodic access to the racecourse during the championship.

Live streaming will continue on Sunday. Tune in and see who will become the next Melges 32 World Champion! View The Racing Action.

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Live streaming coverage of the 2013 Melges 32 World Championship in Porto Rotondo is available online at melges32.com. Racing starts at 09.00.

For the latest developments at Worlds in Porto Rotondo, tune in to these media portals:
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Official Facebook Page of the Audi Sailing Series
Official Website of the International Melges 32 Class Association
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The 2013 Melges 32 World Championship is hosted by the prestigious Yacht Club Porto Rotondo (YCPR) in coordination with Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (YCCS), B.Plan Sports & Events (BPSE), Melges Europe and Melges USA.

Many thanks to Sailing Series title sponsor Audi - Truth in Engineering. In addition, the Audi 2013 Sailing Series is supported by official sponsor AstiHour, a very refreshing fruit cocktail that will be served during happy hours at the Audi Hospitality Village. Other sponsors include Kuehne+Nagel, Yeykey, Helly Hansen, and SimBroker e Nacora.