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Competitor Announcement No. 2 : Sails Measurement For Audi Tron Sailing Series Melges 32 - European Championship & Act 4, Riva Del Garda, July 17- 20

14 July 2014

The Equipment Inspectors will control your sails TODAY (Monday, July 14th), TOMORROW (Tuesday, July 15th) and WEDNESDAY (July 16th).

It is mandatory that you have a time booked, so please write your boat name on the "SAIL MEASUREMENT SCHEDULE" at the regatta office in Fraglia Vela Riva.

Follow the following instructions, to get ready properly:
1) The sails are controlled on the Terrace of the Fraglia Vela, on the northside of the 1st floor, just behind the bar; please use the outside north staircase to reach the Terrace.
2) Don't forget to fill out the Sail Declaration Form in advance.
3) You are asked to remove the battens from the Mainsail and the Heavy Jib only.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.