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2014 Melges 32 World Championship - Letter To Competitors From PRO Anderson Reggio

30 November 2014

Dear Melges 32 Competitors,

Welcome to the 2014 Melges 32 World Championship. On behalf of the Organizing Authority and the Coconut Grove Sailing Club, I would like to wish you all the very best of luck this week. With tomorrow’s Pre-World Championship and the Worlds beginning on Wednesday, I write to you this evening to answer a few key questions regarding the event.

It is our intention tomorrow to run three races, at least the first of which will be of a length similar to our aim for each race during the Worlds (90 minute). You are free to use whatever sails you choose and we will therefore not require all used sails to be buttoned. First warning will be at 1100 and will be managed by the Sailing Instructions specific to tomorrow which were circulated earlier today. We welcome coach boat interaction between races for the Pre-Worlds only, however coach and support boats will hereafter be bound for the duration of both the Pre-Worlds and Worlds by the following guidelines during all races.

First, all coach and support boats shall obtain an identifying flag from registration. These flags will have an identifying number that authorizes you to be in the racing area. A cash deposit of $20 is required. We will permit these boats to follow up the first beat of every race at a distance compliant with Class Rules. Thereafter, all boats shall be outside the laylines. To repeat- after the first beat of each race, ALL coach and support boats shall be outside the laylines for the duration of the race. Special permission will be granted for media, jury, and measurement but know that they too will be subject to direction from the Race Committee and know not to impede any competitor progress. We ask all boats to be mindful of their position relative to all competitors at all times and draw special attention to Sailing Instruction 21 which outlines the support boat regulations for this event. In circumstances where a boat has been warned and still their actions impact the quality of racing, they will be banished from the race course and their associated boat will be subject to action from the International Jury. A noted action that may impact the quality of racing is excessive wake entering the racing area, especially as boats are attempting to round a windward mark or gate. It would be most respectful to all competitors and to the event if progress from one mark to the other was at idle speed until all boats have rounded and begun the next leg. Please keep your VHF on and maintain an active listen to channel 73. Let me know personally if you are prevented in any way from assisting in an emergency.

Our measurer will be on the water for each day during the Worlds. Attention is drawn to Sailing Instruction 20, which states that boats and equipment may be inspected at any time. Competitors can anticipate random checks for measurement and Class Rules compliance between races during the Worlds. 

As always, I remain wholly open to the class and welcome any and all suggestions as to how we can achieve high-quality and fair racing. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time and know that I intend to be on site and available to you as early as possible each morning.

Once again, best of luck to all this week. 

-Anderson Reggio (PRO)