14 January 2015

Looking forward to a fun week of racing in Key West.  I will be standing in to help collect race documents as we are running this as a sanctioned event. Below is information on Key West and what needs to be submitted by all teams prior to racing:

1). Crew Lists - If you have not yet, please submit an updated crew list which can be done online. Submit Your Crew Declaration Online via this link.

2). Class Memberships - please use the following link and submit it to the class admin ( asap. Download A Class Membership Form

3.) Sail Decs - It would be preferred if you dropped these off at the weigh-in to prevent having to chase these down prior to racing, or send to classadmin@melges32.comSail Declaration Form (PDF)

4.) Owners Declaration - Please also download and complete and deliver to weigh-In, or email to classadmin@melges32.comDownload A Melges 32 Owner Compliance Declaration

5.) Weigh-in - We are the only class in the entire regatta that is doing a weigh-in. Because of that, Peter Craig has asked that we schedule the weigh-ins so he does not have to provide staff for 2.5 full days. Melges 32 teams can weigh in at the following times:

-Friday, January 16th - 12pm to 6pm

-Saturday, January 17 - 8am to 2pm

-Sunday - January 18th - 3:30 to 4:30 pm for any late arriving crew members. 

6.) Lastly you are all aware of the experiment with the coaching rule, we will have this refined prior to racing, but basically the coach boats will not be allowed on the race course, but contact will be allowed in between races. 

That is it for now, my cell is listed below, please let me know if there are any questions, or if there is anything I can help with while we are in Key West.


+1 (952) 426-2330