2015 Melges 32 Letter From The President

23 January 2015

Dear Melges 32 Class,

On the heels of a highly successful World Championship, I wanted to take a moment and update you on a few developments for the Melges 32 Class.

Crew Change
First, I regret to inform that Joy Dunigan has resigned as Class Secretary. Joy has been a huge part of the success of the Melges 32 since the class was first formed, and the Class will miss her deeply. While it will be difficult to get accustomed to a new face at regattas, we cannot thank Joy enough for her hard work and dedication over the past 8 years. Joy is committed to making a smooth transition for the new class secretary and doing her part to ensure the class is positioned well for success.

Moving forward in 2015, we're thrilled to announce that longtime Melges 32 sailor, Sam Rogers will be filling the newly created Class Manager position. Sam will be directly charged with tackling some specific items that have been brought up over the past year, including:

  • Improving the Class's ability to plan and develop with owners an exciting schedule of fun-packed events farther in advance,
  • Reviewing class rules to keep the racing fair and the level of competition intense and fun, Ensuring the Melges 32 class is current and dynamic on all media platforms between and during events,
  • Continuing to improve the state of measurement in the US. While we have made progress in the last six months, we have yet choose a plan to provide an official Measurer at North American events,
  • Putting considerable effort into recruiting new class members, and unifying owners in North America and the Caribbean.

As a long time Melges 32 sailor in the fleet already, I think Sam is very well positioned to make unbiased decisions for the class with a deep understanding of what owners want. I'm thrilled Sam's accepted this position. Here are some words from the new Class Manager:

"The potential of the Melges 32 Class is still as exciting when the class was formed in 2006 which makes this position so exciting. I am very eager to get to work and ensure the class has an ambitious schedule, new parameters for fair racing, and to welcome past and new owners into the fleet and continue to see World Class racing at Melges 32 events."

Shortened Course
In an effort to maximize attendance, and support the first Audi Sailing Series event in Europe, the second winter event in Miami (April) has been removed from the schedule. Our hope is to allow for a stronger first event, and to encourage those teams who are planning to race in Europe to do so.

The long term focus will be the 2015 Gold Cup / U.S. National Championship hosted by the Lauderdale Yacht Club as the start of the 2015/16 Melges 32 Winter Series. With several venues being researched to host winter series events, and the 2016 World Championship, we are working hard to ensure the Melges 32 class is poised for success.

Rounding the Mark
One of the goals is to engage teams that have been racing locally or at regional regattas to be more enticed to attend class events, and get more used Melges 32s on the starting line. Through the creation of a Corinthian Division, and hosting sanctioned events that are attractive, fun and well run while exploring avenues to help keep costs low, we are confident we can return fleet numbers to respectable levels and the year ahead will be strong for the Melges 32 Class in North America.

Looking forward to seeing you on the water at a Melges 32 event soon.


Jason Carroll,
Melges 32 Class President