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COMPETITOR ANNOUNCEMENT NO. 1 : Audi Tron Sailing Series Act 4 Porto Ercole

22 June 2015

The last call on the road to the Worlds has just one name: Porto Ercole.

You can't miss the "King of the Rock" - ACT 4 of the 2015 Melges 32 Audi Tron Sailing Series, taking place in the amazing spot of Argentario on July 10th - 12th.

Please find the useful information and details to complete your registration below:

Download a Copy of the Notice of Race

Wednesday, July 8th
     - 14.30-18.00 Registration & Measurement 
Thursday, July 9th
     - 09.00-18.00 Registration & Measurement 
     - 15.00 Practice Race
     - 18.00 Deadline for Registration
     - 18.00 Competitors Briefing
Friday, July 10th
     - 13.30 First Warning Signal
Saturday, July 11th
     - Races
Sunday, July 12th
     - Races and Prize giving

Melges 32 Rigging and Trailer Parking will be arranged in Cala Galera (see the map)
Please let us know of your arrival / mast stepping / launch schedule to allow for the best crane schedule.

Moorings and Van parking will be available in Porto Ercole starting Monday, July 6th at 15.00.

Please see the map for van / car parking during the Event.

Submit your Crew Declaration online by Friday, June 26th.

Fill in an Entry Form and please return to the European Fleet Secretary.

The Entry fee is € 700
     - Beneficiary: MELGES EUROPE Srl
     - Address: Viale San Bartolomeo 777/M - 19126 La Spezia
     - Bank details: CREDITO VALTELLINESE
     - Bank address: Via Savi 90, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI)
     - EURO Account: IBAN: IT18C0521620701000000001799 - BIC Swift: BPCVIT2S
     - Object: IM32CA Melges 32 Audi tron act 4
     #Make sure you specify your sail number/boat name#
Please forward a copy of the Wire Receipt to the European Fleet Secretary

NOR 2.2.(a) states that IM32Class Rule C.2.3.(c) CREWS WEIGHT is amended as follow:

All crews shall be weighed during the registration period prior to racing the 1st event of the Audi tron Sailing Series, no sooner than 3 days prior to the start of the event. The recorded weight will apply to the whole Audi torn Sailing Series events, excluding the World Championships. While entering the weight-in room, each crew member authorizes the Class Secretary to register his/her weight and to keep track of it for the forthcoming events. Reweighing shall only take place if a valid protest shows that the pre race weights were false.

If there is a crew change during the series, the team, according to the recorded weight shall remain under the maximum allowed weight, and the new crew member will need to be weighed prior to the start of the event. If the weight should exceed the limit, the whole crew shall reweight with the exception of the owner. If more than 2 crew members are being replaced for an event, the entire team will need to re-weigh. A new team joining the Audi tron Sailing Series during the season shall weigh-in before its 1st race, no sooner than 3 days prior to the start of the event.

Please forward a copy of your boat's insurance policy to the European Fleet Secretary.