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Competitor Announcement No. 3: 2015 Audi-Tron Sailing Series Act 5 World Championship, Logistics & Measurements

6 August 2015

This is an important notice about the Melges 32 World Championship Logistics and Measurements.

Please read this email carefully!

The attachment shows the updated Map of the 2015 Audi Melges 32 World Championship village.
This regatta village is dedicated to the MELGES 32 fleet from TUESDAY the 18th at 8.00am
The crane will also be available starting from the 18th in the morning.
The boat rigging have to take place in the same spot as the measurements will take place simultaneously.

Before the regatta starts the following listed measurement checks will take place:

Book your slot from the 18th (12.00) to the 23rd, before the mast rigging

Once the boat is in the water, you have to lift it out so that the measurement team can weight the boat and check your appendices with templates.
Book your slot from the 20th to the 23rd

The measurement team will run a complete boat inspection.
Attached please find a guideline that they will follow. Please get it ready and correct any small imperfections before the inspection so that everything can run smoothly.
Book your slot  from the 23rd to the 25th
PS: The guideline attached is as example, the measurers can add extra checks to grant a full respect of the Class Rules

All the sails will be checked and stamped.
Book your slot  from the 23rd to the 25th

All the crew members and owners have to re-weigh in
Book your slot starting from the 21st. Weight-in starts on the 21st at 10am

Some useful FAQs:
How does measurement combine with the rigging?
Each boat will have to enter the keel weigh at first.
After that, each boat is allowed to step the mast, launch and complete its rigging.
Appendices check will take place once you boat is completely rigged as when the measurer lift-it from the water, a full boat weight check and appendices check will take place.

Can I start unpacking my boat before the 18th ?
Unfortunately the answer is NO
We have tried hard to get earlier permissions of the area but it is not possible.
This is a hot holiday period and many other activities are taking place in the town. 
This will grant an AWSOME event with many spectators around.

Can I rig the boat in another shipyard?
The answer is NO
All the boats needs to be rigged in the same spot where all the measurements check are also taking place.
We want to grant that all the boats enter the measurements checks following the same timing.

How can I book my measurement slots?
By answering to this email and letting us know your timing preferences.
We will try to accomodate everybody at best.
In case of requests overlapping the same timing, we will follow the rule “first in request, first out-measurement”.
Updated timing will be shared among you all.

Please do not hesitate to contact LUISA if you have any questions or doubts. Thank you!