Competitor Announcement No. 2: Melges 32 World League - Scarlino

29 April 2017

Welcome to Marina di Scarlino! All Melges 32 teams are encouraged to refer to the below logistics map that indicates the rigging area, van parking, moorings. The crane will step the mast at the rigging area and the boat may proceed to the shipyard to launch.

Wednesday, May 3
14.30 - 18.00: Registration and Weight

Thursday, May 4th
09.30 - 18.00:  Registration and Weight
18.00: Deadline for Registration
Friday, May 5th
10.00:  Skipper Briefing@ HH Race Loft
13.30:  First Warning Signal
Saturday, May 6th
TBD Races
Sunday, May 7th
TBD Races (no Warning Signal will be displayed after 14.30)
AFTER RACING: Prize Giving

Looking forward to seeing you soon!