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Helpful Tips For Keeping Your Motor Running Smoothly

17 July 2007

There has been much attention given to the gasoline going into the outboards and how quickly the gasoline starts to gum up the fuel lines and the carburetor's causing the motors to not idle well and run roughly. We have come up with a few preventative steps as well as the method to clean out the carburetor to get the motor running smoothly again.

Always use high octane gasoline, Always use Shell Premium Gasoline only. Supposedly the Shell Premium Fuel has more additives that prevent gunk build up in the carburetor.

Always add a NON ALCOHOLIC stabilizer to the gas. We use Starbrite “Ez-to-Store, Ez-to-Start” stabilizer #4757035(West Marine #), this is available at West Marine.

The gas starts to gum up within 3-4 weeks of non use. If possible run the gas out of the tank if the boat is not to be used for a period of time and drain the gas out of the carburetor. There is a gold screw on the lower side of the carburetor to drain the gas. Put the gas from the can in your car.

Add a water separator fuel filter to the gas line between the gas can and the motor to prevent water from getting to the motor. Much of the gas you buy has water in it and once it gets to the carburetor starts to form deposits that clog the carburetor. We recommend the Racor #120RRAC01, this requires 2 straight barbs with 1/4” NPT thread the gas line ID is 1/4”. The replacement element is S3240, we also have these available in Zenda.

If the motor is not running smoothly:

1. Check the fuel filter on the port aft side of the motor

2. Remove the fuel pump on the back side of the motor and clean

3. Take the carburetor off the motor and take apart. Clean very thoroughly with Powertune Carb cleaner 4531273(West marine #), you can get this at West Marine. There are two gold screws in the bottom half, the one with the hole in the center is the fast jet, the one without the hole is the idle jet, you need to remove both these screws and clean. It is recommended that you soak the carburetor and all parts overnight in Powertune to clean thoroughly. Fluid must run through all the small pin holes from one side to the other.
4. Reassemble and motor should run smoothly. If not, new spark plugs may be needed. Make sure the vent on the top of the gas can is open.
5. Keep in mind that if necessary you can purchase a new carburetor. Motor stowage is important as well. When tilting the motor forward do so slowly and don't let the motor slam forward, also, it is important to use the motor restraint to hold the motor aft and as vertical as possible while sailing. When the motors are tipped forward too far, it is possible for oil to burp into the carburetor which eventually gets to the cylinder heads and fouls the spark plugs. Keeping the motor tilted to port slightly also helps prevent oil burping. The way we have the motors set up now, they cannot tip too far forward as they stop when they hit the front of the engine box, however, if the engine is tilted rapidly and then stops it may still cause oil burping.
Make sure the engines are not over filled with oil, this causes lot's of smoking and will foul the plugs.