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31 July 2007

The excitement and attention being generated by the Melges 32 in Europe is at an all time high. Federico Michetti, president of Melges Europe explained at the 2007 Melges 32 Nationals in Newport, Rhode Island. "Winning the Nationals with Claudio was a very emotional event. This will further propel the Melges 32 in Europe and increase the confidence of sailors, especially in Italy. All I can say is the minute that we got here, hoisted the kite and we were doing 14 (knots), I am reminded that this is the right choice for fast, fun sailing anywhere in the world! Everytime, I sail this boat I just think about how lucky I am. There is a lot noise in Europe right now about the Melges 32 and everyone can't wait to try it out."

As if Michetti's enthusiasm isn't enough to get your blood pumping, check out these fantastic photographs generated by Fabio Taccola. Taccola, born in Livorno, has been a professional photographer since 1990. He specializes in the marine sector, shooting some of the most prestigious sailing regattas in the world generating covers for major sailing magazines worldwide. His portfolio is unique and offers one-of-a-kind images. This has allowed him the realization of several publishing initiatives, simultaneously he takes care of the monographic calendars for a line of high-profile customers.

His work has produced company business brochures and books with national distribution. Nikon is his choice of equipment. Their continuous professional photo products and updates has made delivering digital images with direct contact with the media and press real time.