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Martino and Bolzan Strike It Up At Centomiglia 2007

12 September 2007

The name says it all! Action Team owned by Francesco Martino and guided carefully by Alberto Bolzan was out in full force at the 57th Annual Centomiglia Regatta this past weekend. It was the first time the Melges 32 competed in Europe as a fleet and needless to say, Torbole was electrified with speed of four teams.

The great expectations were accompanied by awe and astonishment among the competitors as they gazed at it's amazing performance. It did not disappoint! The four competing boats were rewarded with top ten finishes in the division overall. In the first forty minutes of racing with a steady 25-30 knots of breeze — the Melges 32s were on a full plane, in position, under control with a cool mix of full on speed and fun! It was incredible!

1.) Francesco Martino/Alberto Bolzan; ITA-161 Action Team
2.) Maurizo Abba/Danielle Cassanari/Luca Valerio; ITA-159 Alina
3.) LanFranco Cirillo/Nicola Celon; ITA-164 Team Fantastica
4.) Maurizio Schiavi/Eros Angeli; ITA-165 Midea