İ2007 JOY | U.S. Melges 32 Class Associationİ2007 JOY | U.S. Melges 32 Class Association

Looking For Crew In Key West?

12 October 2007

Here is an awesome opportunity to take advantage of this coming Key West. David Schmidt, associate editor with SAIL Magazine is looking to crew aboard a Melges 32. Key West is an exciting event and surely crews may not have been finalized.

David weights 190-195 lbs. He has sailed his entire life, lots of dinghy racing as a kid focused mostly on ocean and bluewater cruising in the past 10 years. He has not sailed on a M32 but has raced J/24s, J/27s and a few other 30-footers. Taught sailing in college and as stated above writes professionally for SAIL Magazine. Please contact David on EMAIL or call his cell 970.309.8361.