2008 JOY | U.S. Melges 32 Class Association2008 JOY | U.S. Melges 32 Class Association

Learn To Nail Your A-Sail Jibes In No Time With Andy Burdick

4 March 2008

Be sure to pick up the March edition of Sailing World Magazine as Andy Burdick, president of Melges Performance Sailboats provides some step-by-step techniques for jibing your A-sail! Learn from the experts!

Burdick joined Melges full-time in 1990 and has since been a key player in making the company one of the greatest sportboat companies in the world. Also, part of their success has been bringing new owners of the Melges 32 up to speed with boat handling techniques, tips and tricks. The International Melges 32 Class Association's most useful tool has been the Winter Tune-up/Regatta held in Ft. Lauderdale at the beginning of December. "What is does is remove any intimidation that comes with a raceboat," says Burdick, who reviews the fine points of jibing. "This allows people to learn how to set the boats up right, to learn the short cuts and once that happens, the confidence level goes way up."