22 September 2006

22 SEPTEMBER 2006 The Melges 32 is the talk of the town and the star of the show at boat shows across the country! This past weekend, it was fabulous Newport, Rhode Island at the Newport International Boat Show. Despite the rain, the Melges 32 heated up the docks as the interest level was high and the sales even hotter! These boats are selling, and the response off the scale. "It (Melges 32) was exactly what I was looking for (and what I had been looking for for quite a while). I'm thankful now that the contracts fell through on the J125's (2). This boat does everything I wanted and more," said a beaming Doug Kessler on Liberty 4 READ FULL LETTER.

Next on the Melges 32 boat show tour is the Annapolis Boat Show October 6-7, 2006 in the east coast sailing capital of Annapolis, Maryland! Once again, the M32 and the sensational phenomena that started it all the Melges 24 will be front and center. So, even if you are just curious take the time to see it. If you know the Melges 24, then this baby will amaze you! For more information about the Melges 32, visit or