2008 JOY | International Melges 32 Class Association2008 JOY | International Melges 32 Class Association

Melges 32 Going The Distance At The 2008 Harvest Moon Regatta, Hosted By The Lakewood Yacht Club

21 October 2008

The Melges 32 has dared to impress! Steve Rhyne and crew aboard USA-157 Mojo completed the 2008 Harvest Moon Regatta, a 150 mi. race from Galveston, Tex. to Port Aransas. Hosted by the Lakewood Yacht Club on 16-18 October the Melges 32 passed the endurance test with flying colors.

The breeze was from about 90-120 degree true wind angle with wind at 12-18 kts with gusts as high as 23. Rhyne was the first monohull to finish by over an hour, beating two J-122's, J-44 and a 1D35. They corrected out first in fleet by just over a minute using the ORC Ratings. Boat speed was optimum and consistantly in the teens with top speed of a whopping 17.6 kts. They averaged just over 11 kts for the race, which included using a jib twice during the race to get back up to the rhumb line for a total of about 3 hrs. The only dissappointment was that they missed the existing course record by about 30 minutes.

Straight from Kevin Hayes sailing alongside of Rhyne, "The boat performed really, really well. We experienced not one equipment failure and passed a random safety check by the race committee. We launched the boat via ramp at the marina where all the boats were staying. Used the gin pole for the rig, by which people were amazed at the simple set-up," says Hayes. "The Melges 32 was the talk of the regatta!"