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ISAF Classification: Facts and Myths | 5:00 P.M. | Tuesday - January 22

16 January 2009

Just to let everyone know, ISAF has exclusively organized a discussion panel to be held in Key West, Fla. at ACURA Key West 2009. This is the first time that the ISAF Classification Commission has had a public forum to discuss this very important topic. Given the vast, strong opinions some have on this topic, not only is this expected to be informative, but most likely this will entertaining too.

ISAF Classification: Facts and Myths | 5:00 P.M. | TUESDAY - JANUARY 22
For over a decade, a system of Classification has existed to try and define an important performing element in our sport: the sailors. Competitive classes and events around the world have used and helped refine the ISAF Classification system to help define the types of sailors they wish to have in their competitions, ranging from those who are deemed ‘amateurs’ in Group 1 to ‘professionals’ in Group 3. Because of the challenges inherent in trying to define who these sailors are, the system has at times been the subject of criticism and scrutiny, yet remains as a vital key to the success of many of these classes and events. 

Join ISAF Classification Commission Chair Antony Matusch and a panel of class managers and sailors as they discuss the merits and pitfalls of this system. Everyone is invited to learn and provide feedback for improving this important process.