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2010 Key West Race Week Crew & Owner Declarations : Due Friday, January 8

5 January 2010

Key West Race Week is coming up fast! Every team needs to submit race documents by the scheduled deadlines:

Crew Declarations : Friday, January 8
(Download Crew Declaration)

Owner Declaration : Friday, January 8
(Download Owner Declaration)

Sail Declarations : Sunday, January 17
(Download Sail Declaration)

It is really important that the above forms are completely filled out and submitted ON TIME. Crew Declaration deadlines are two weeks in advance of the first day of racing. For convenience, Crew Declaration deadlines are now posted online on the Full Events Schedule.

A 2010 Key West Race Week Crew List is available at melges32.com. Please be sure you are using the latest form. The form needs to be completely filled out and EVERY CREW MEMBER MUST HAVE A VALID ISAF CLASSIFICATION. If you are not certain, please visit ISAF’s Website and Search For A Sailor

If you have an ISAF ID No., search by number, otherwise you must search by surname.

On the Crew Declaration Form, make certain that you insert each crew name, classification, ISAF ID No. and expiration date as you see it on ISAF’s Website.

WARNING: Sailors with expired classifications must validate prior to racing, otherwise they will be considered Category 3.

QUESTIONS: If you are still unsure, contact International Melges 32 Class Association Admin, Joy Dunigan on e-mail for further assistance or questions.

SUBMISSION: Send all Crew Declarations as directed above to International Melges 32 Class Association Admin, Joy Dunigan on e-mail or fax to: +1 (912) 756-6728.

Owner’s Declaration Forms must also be submitted in advance of any event and are due at the same time as the Crew Declarations.

Sail Declarations for Key West are due by the close of registration on Sunday, January 17, 2010. Button numbers and serial numbers are required in order for the class to accept the declaration.

Every owner must maintain a current Class Membership and be confirmed valid prior to racing. View The Current Membership. If you don’t see your name, please Join The Class Online or Download a Membership Form and fax to +1 (912) 756-6728. If you would like to be invoiced direct, contact International Melges 32 Class Association Admin, Joy Dunigan.