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18 January 2010

Organized by the Yacht Club de Monaco

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Dear Primo Cup Regatta Melges 32 Owners and Competitors,

This is a gentle reminder that Primo Cup Regatta is coming up very, very soon and race documents are required for this event. If you have already submitted your paperwork, many thanks in advance!

Please take notice of the following race document deadlines:

Crew Declarations : Friday, January 26
(Download Crew Declaration)

Owner Declaration : Friday, January 26
(Download Owner Declaration)

Sail Declarations : Friday, February 12
(Download Sail Declaration


Notice of Race is available on Primo Cup Website. If you want download it, please click here.


Registrations needs to be anticipated to Yacht Club Monaco within January 31st.

You could arrange registration online following this link: http://www.yacht-club-monaco.mc/index.php?q=evenements/primo-cup-2010/inscription

We remind you that the regatta fee is 300€

Registration fees received after 31st January 2010 will be €400 for all series.


Registration are going to open on 11th February from 8.00 am to 12.00 noon.


EVERY CREW MEMBER MUST HAVE A VALID ISAF CLASSIFICATION. If you are not certain, please visit ISAF’s Web Site and Search For A Sailor.

If you have an ISAF ID No., search by number, otherwise you must search by surname to confirm classification status and validity. WARNING: Sailors with expired classifications must validate prior to racing, otherwise they will be considered Category 3.

On the Crew Declaration Form, make certain that you insert each crew name, classification, ISAF ID No. and expiration date as you see it on ISAF’s Website.

SUBMISSION: Send all Crew Declarations and Actual ISAF Classification as directed above to European Melges 32 Class Association Administrator on e-mail or fax to: +39 02-94435079.

Owner’s Declaration Forms must also be submitted in advance of any event and are due at the same time as the Crew Declarations.


Every owner must maintain a current Class Membership and be confirmed valid prior to racing. View The Current Membership. If you don’t see your name, please Join The Class Online or Download A Membership Form and fax to +39 02-94435079.


If you are interested, in attachment you can find a list of some Hotels and restaurants. Furthermore It is also disposable a booking service. For more informations, please contact Paola at: paola@onedesignservice.com

If you require further assistance, please contact the European Melges 32 Fleet by emailing your question to European Audi Melges 32 Class Association Admin, Niccolò Bianchi on e-mail, or by phone at +39 333 4530438

We very much look forward to seeing everyone out on the water! Fair winds and sail fast!

International Melges 32 Class Association - European Fleet

A great many thanks to you all for your assistance with the above. We very much look forward to seeing you all in Primo Cup Regatta!