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Melges 32s Looking For A Start In Annapolis At Sailing World’s NOOD Regatta

6 April 2010

In addition to a robust 2010 USA Sailing Series schedule of events, there are also a number of non-sanctioned events happening across North America, among them is the 2010 Annapolis NOOD Regatta on April 30 - May 2.

The fleet needs 6 boats for a start so those interested are asked to Register Online as soon as possible. 

Logistics in Annapolis are really simple. Rod Jabin or Ramrod fame has offered his boat yard where the set-up and dockage is easy and convenient. If you are interested, please contact Rod Jabin on e-mail or call (443) 336-3664 to discuss in more detail. At least six boats are needed in order for AYC to provide the Melges 32 its own start. As an incentive, he has discounted the storage rate to $210 for the Melges 32 class members who want to bring the boats and store until April.