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IM32CA Rule C.2.2, Item No. 7 Intent And Clarification

14 June 2010

Melges 32 Class Rule : There has been some short discussion amongst Melges 32 owners regarding IM32CA Rule C.2.2, Item No. 7.

7. The spinnaker may be stowed in a bag or chute in the  companionway hatch or the forward hatch, the design of this bag and its associated retraction lines are optional.  Refer to C.2.2.14 

Intent and Clarification: The intent of this rule was to allow experimentation with chute launching systems to develop the easiest method of spinnaker handling on the Melges 32. Retraction lines, shockcord and pulleys of optional design may be added below deck. Lines may not be lead through the deck, only the open companionway or hatch. Hard fairings or rollers may be added below deck to facilitate the spinnaker moving through the hatch or past the mast. The chute or sock shall be of soft material and may be of any size and design.