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Alberini Leads Malcesine Edition, Lalli Closes In On 2010 Melges 32 Series Title

17 July 2010

Malcesine, July 17, 2010 - Newly appointed Melges 32 European Fleet President and defending series champion Carlo Alberini on Calvi Network with Gabrielle Benussi on tactics leads the Malcesine edition. The day ended on a positive note for Mauro Mocchegiani on Rush Diletta as he chases in second place and in third, Edoardo Lupi on Torpyone. One point separates each of the positions as 17 teams look forward to the final day of racing on Sunday.

As the overall series title is at stake. Luca Lalli’s B-Lin Sailing with Lorenzo Bressani as tactician, held off the competition for another day continuing their overall lead in the 2010 Melges 32 Audi Sailing Series. They are only one day away from being awarded the 2010 title.

The theme of the day was again, the duel between Lalli and Lanfranco Cirillo on Fantastica. After two races, Lanfranco had closed the gap, with Lalli ahead by three points.

Twice more, the scenario was repeated again as Cirillo punished Lalli. Michele Paoletti, the prudent tactician aboard Fantastica positioned his team for a successful fourth and first place finish. Lalli, accepted Cirillo’s challenge however played it safe taking a fifth and a second for the day.

In the third race, things seemed to get a little better for Cirillo as he managed to stand strong against Lalli until mid-race. Bressani’s ability make the right move at just the right moment enabled Lalli to claim a seventh place finish, while Cirillo finished tenth. Ferdinando Battistella on Cuervo Y Sobrinos, with the expert knowledge and expertise of local tactician Roberto Benamati one the final race of the day.

Top Ten Results (Event No. 4, After 6 Races)
1.) Carlo Alberini/Gabriele Benussi, Calvi Network; 3-1-7-3-3-[8] = 17
2.) Mauro Mocchegiani/Matteo Ivaldi, Rush Diletta; [11]-3-6-2-5-2 = 18
3.) Edoardo Lupi/Branko Brcin, Torpyone; 1-8-[10]-1-4-5 = 19
4.) Luca Lalli/Lorenzo Bressani, B-Lin Sailing; 5-[11]-3-5-2-7 = 22
5.) Lanfranco Cirillo/Michele Paoletti, Fantastica; 2-9-[12]-4-1-10 = 26
6.) Filippo Pacinotti/Freddy Loof, Brontolo; 4-2-5-6-[13]-13 = 30
7.) John Kilroy, Stu Bannatyne, Samba Pa Ti; 10-4-1-7-9-[11] = 31
8.) Joe Woods/Paul Goodison, Red; 7-7-2-8-7-[15] = 31
9.) Jean-Francois Cruette, Christian Ponthieu, Teasing Machine; 8-5-[13]-12-10-3 = 38
10.) Edoardo Pavesio, Carlo Fracassoli, Fra Martina; 12-[16]-4-11-12-4 = 43
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Top Ten Results (2010 Series After 3 Events & Provisional Results of Event 4)
1.) Luca Lalli, B-Lin Sailing
2.) Lanfranco Cirillo, Fantastica
3.) Carlo Alberini, Calvi Network
4.) Mauro Mocchegiani, Rush Diletta
5.) Filippo Pacinotti, Brontolo
6.) Edoardo Lupi, Torpyone
7.) Peter Rogers, Highlife
8.) Francesco Martino, Audi Giacomel
9.) Edoardo Pavesio, Fra Martina
10.) Wolfgang Stolz, Opus One
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