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COMPETITOR ANNOUNCEMENT NO. 2 : 2010 California Cup Clarity

16 August 2010

The first of two opportunities to warm up to the 2010 World Championship happens this weekend in San Francisco — the California Cup | San Francisco Race Week takes place on August 20-22. Eleven teams have registered so surely it will offer the first taste of what is yet to come in late September.

While we wish everyone an enjoyable race weekend at one of the most incredible sailing venues in the world, the International Melges 32 Class would like to emphasize the following items.


Despite the fact that the California Cup is a 'non-sanctioned' event, it is an official ‘warm-up’ event to the 2010 World Championship on September 20-25. All class rules must be followed, in particular:


Sail Inventory
C.2.3.2. Not more than 1 mainsail, 2 headsails of maximum dimensions or smaller, 1 Heavy Jib, 2 asymmetrical spinnakers may be presented for measurement and/or registration at a class event.

Crew Compliance
(a) The crew shall consist of a minimum of 5 persons.
(b) Crew shall not be changed or substituted during an event without prior written approval of the race committee or protest committee. Total crew weight shall not be changed by more than 15kg.
(c) The crew shall contain no more than 3 Group 2 or 3 sailors.

Weight Compliance
C.7.2 The total crew weight on board while racing shall not exceed 629kgs (1,386.7lbs). This weight shall be taken with the crew dressed in normal underclothes only. Crews shall only be weighed during the registration period prior to racing. Re-weighing shall only take place if a valid protest shows that the pre-race weights were false.The Owner shall be allocated a weight of 104kgs (229.2lbs), the Owner may choose to weigh in.

If you do not comply with class rules, it is still possible for a team to be protested by a fellow competitor. We encourage everyone to review the entire IM32CA Rules to make sure that your team is legal in every respect.

Official Event Website

There is no official, class weigh-in at the California Cup.

If anyone has any questions about the above items, please contact the IM32CA Admin, Joy Dunigan on e-mail, or via phone at (912) 398-5776.