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VERY IMPORTANT OWNERS NOTICE : 2010 Melges 32 World Championship

9 September 2010

Attention all Melges 32 owners that expect to compete in San Francisco, CA at the 2010 Melges 32 World Championship:


As mentioned in the NOR, ISAF (International Sailing Authority Federation) will be on site conducting interviews in San Francisco. This additional notice is being supplied so that all teams are aware there is a chance your team may not qualify to race with your submitted crew declaration.

View IM32CA Public Crew Declaration List

If a crew member(s) aboard your team is listed below, the International Melges 32 Class Association (IM32CA) strongly encourages you to speak with the crew(s) and determine/evaluate your team's status. Do not wait until you get to San Francisco, please address this NOW.

The list below has been provided to the IM32CA by ISAF and will be posted on the official notice board. Sailors listed are REQUIRED to attend a review interview of their Sailor Classification as part of the registration process in accordance with NOR 5.3.

The interviews will be conducted at the St. Francis Yacht Club. The ISAF Classification Representative will be available during the hours of Registration on Monday, September 20 and Tuesday, September 21.

On arrival for interview please ask for information at the Race Office reception desk:

USA 211 Peter Clark (BRAPC19)
USA 169
Michael Coxon (AUSMC23), Ayden Menzies (AUSAM4)
ITA    23
Luca Faravelli (ITALF7), Carlo Zermini (ITACZ5)
USA 007 
Ben Beer (ISCBB1)
USA 151
Briar Macky (NZLBM3)
USA 142
Stu Pollard (AUSSP3)
USA 201
Kyle Langford (AUSKL3)
USA 166
Mark Christiansen (NZLMC6)
FRA 202
Romual Chasseray (FRARC2)
NZL 221
Jayson Herbert (NZLJH4), Matt Kelway (NZLMK3)
USA 162
Andrew Holdsworth (GBRAH4)
MorganGutenkunst (USAMG28), Mo Hart (USAMH5)
USA 987
Tim Klein (USATK24)
USA 158 Cameron McLouskey (USACM96)

This list will be posted on the official notice board in San Francisco. Further, sailors may be added to this list during registration. Many thanks to all for your cooperation in advance.

Please note, you may Contact ISAF in advance.