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REVISED: 2010 Melges 32 World Championship, ISAF INTERVIEW LIST

11 September 2010

The following sailors are REQUIRED to attend a review interview of their Sailor Classification as part of the Registration process in accordance with NOR 5.3. The ISAF Classification Representative will be available during the hours of registration on Monday, September 20 and Tuesday, September 21. Please ask for information at the Race Office reception desk.



USA-211 Peter Clark (BRAPC19)
USA-169 Michael Coxon (AUSMC23), Ayden Menzies (AUSAM4)
ITA-23 Carlo Zermini (ITACZ5)
USA-007  Ben Beer (ISCBB1), Tim Klein (USATK24)
USA-151 Briar Macky (NZLBM3)
USA-142 Stu Pollard (AUSSP3)
USA-201 Kyle Langford (AUSKL3)
USA-166 Mark Christiansen (NZLMC6)
FRA-202 Romuald Chasseray (FRARC2)
NZL-221 Jayson Herbert (NZLJH4), Matt Kelway (NZLMK3)
USA-162 Andrew Holdsworth (GBRAH4)
USA-32917 MorganGutenkunst (USAMG28) Mo Hart, USAMH5
USA-158 Cameron McClouskey USACM96

Further sailors may be added to this list prior to or during registration.
USA-002 Travis Wilson (USATT29)
USA-174 Chris Coulsen (USACC80), David Rasmussen (USADR70)
USA-178 Stuart McNeill (USASM49)
USA-158 Shane Illige (AUSSI1)

NOTE:The competitors listed in BOLD are to be interviewed because the have expired certificates

ISAF recommends that all individuals required to interview, review these documents:
Classification Commission FAQs for Melges 32s
ISAF Classification Code FAQs