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16 September 2010


H.2.1 Rules 44.1 and 44.2 are changed so that only one turn, including one tack and one gybe, is required. TWO TURNS in the zone.


For any team that files a protest, do remember that the OWNER MUST BE PRESENT for resolution. The Owner may bring along one team representative, but the Owner must follow through and complete any protest proceedings.


A boat shall receive no outside assistance from: support boats, cell phone or radio communication, visual or vocal signaling, transfer of equipment or victuals or otherwise once she has left the dock for the day until she has finished the last race of the day, except in the case of emergency, or motor problems that cause the boat to not make her way to the starting area. If in the case of a motor problem, the boat shall make every attempt to fix the problem prior to the next days racing and shall make the boat available for inspection by the jury, race committee or class representative. Individual coach or support boats shall not approach closer than 300 feet to any boat that is racing, except at mark roundings or the finish line where they shall not approach closer than 100 feet upwind of the windward mark or downwind of the leeward mark, and extensions of the finish line. At the warning signal for the start, individual coach or support boats shall leave the area being used by the racing boats and may station themselves outside of either the pin or committee signal boat, but no closer to either end than 100 feet. Sailing Instructions for Melges 32 regattas shall contain the following instruction: Video and photos taken from any support and/or coach boat shall not be used as evidence at protest hearings. This alters RRS 63.6. The penalty for infringing this rule shall be assessed at the discretion of the event Jury or Protest Committee. This rule is not intended as a deterrent to social interaction before and between races.


  • Sails do not have to be buttoned for this event
  • All sails used MUST be measured class legal
  • What you leave the dock with each day, is what you sail with
  • Changing sails on the water is NOT permitted until after the last race of the day
  • Outside assistance rule applies


At the 2010 Rolex Big Boat Series, no team shall carry more than the class' limitation of 3 Group 3 sailors. Your team shall also compete in accordance to class weight rules.