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Taselaar Keeps The Lead

17 September 2010

The Melges 32 fleet enjoyed a brisk 12-14 knots and overcast skies to complete two additional races. Macatawa Bay’s Bob Hughes and his Heartbreaker program punched a hole in their scoreline with an aggressive effort to win race one, which also happened to be his first victory ever in the Melges 32 class. "When you win a race in this fleet, you've sailed a really, really good race." said Hughes once back at the docks. "We didn’t sail a perfect race, because I think we still made quite a few mistakes. What I really enjoyed most was slugging it out with Porter to the finish like we did back in our Melges 24 days." His stiffest competition came from Luca Lalli's B-lin Sailing. After finding a fast lane on the first upwind beat, Lalli lead around the top mark, Hughes in second and Stefan Goldwater on Tirade from New Zealand third. Hughes moved into first by the leeward gate. On the last run, John Porter's Full Throttle overtook Lalli for second, Lalli finished third, Jeff Ecklund's STAR was incredible fourth and Euro Champion Joe Woods on Red rounded out the top five.

Porter went on to win the final race of the day, placing him fifth overall. "I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday." said a smiling Porter after submitting a 2-1 scorecard. "Everyone was far more focused today on their jobs. At the last mark, I was so excited to be rounding in the top five. Yesterday we finished eighth and my guys said to me 'we're ahead of a lot of really good boats.' That's the level of competition we are up against here." Porter continued. "Today, the boat was good, the attitude was good. You just have to maintain that all the time. Which is tough."

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