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2011 MELGES 32 MIAMI CHAMPIONSHIP: Competitor Announcement No. 1

27 February 2011

The International Melges 32 class is excited to welcome 20 Melges 32 teams to the very first, Miami Melges 32 Championship. In an effort to assist everyone in preparation for racing, please take note of the following event basics:

Registration and weigh-in for the Miami Championship will happen simultaneously, during the following hours, in the main building of the Miami Beach Marina, on the third floor, in the tournament room. All teams need to be prepared to confirm and verify all crew members as declared and posted online, complete registration and submit race paperwork, collect competitor packs, etc.

As with all sanctioned Melges 32 events, Sail Declarations must be submitted to the IM32CA by the close of registration on Thursday, March 3. A Sail Declaration Form is attached for advance convenience.

Wednesday, March 2
1400 - 1800


Thursday, March 3
0800 - 1100 & 1400-1800

Sail buttons will be available for pick-up during these times as well.

All entry fees must be paid PRIOR TO RACING - NO EXCEPTIONS. If you did not pay your entry fee online or mail a check to the IM32CA by the deadline of February 10, 2011, please provide a check, drawn on a U.S. Bank, made payable to the Melges 32 Class. CASH WILL NOT ACCEPTED.

The IM32CA has not received entry fees from the following teams:
Arethusa, Dawn Raid, Fantastica, Mascalzone Latino, Ninkasi, roXanne and Shakedown.

2011 Miami Melges 32 Championship

Every competing owner must be a 2011 class member. If you have not paid your 2011 class dues, it is preferred that you do so in advance of the event. All memberships should be processed online via the Class Website.

Every Melges 32 must have its custom-selected, permanent IM32CA Class Bow Numbers affixed to the hull in order to race. All teams racing in Miami have been supplied with their decals in advance. Bow numbers can be retrieved from the Miami Beach Marina Dockmaster's Office for Argo, Celeritas, Delta, Volpe, Mascalzone Latino/STAR, Ninkasi and Ramrod, if you have not collected them already.

These numbers are meant to serve you throughout 2011. See the attached bow number documentation to ensure that your bow numbers are applied correctly. Make sure they are on straight and you follow the recommended install procedures for best results.

Thursday, March 3 - Monty's Raw Bar (Inside) @ 1800

An amended NOR and Sailing Instructions have been posted online at the Official Event Website.

Dockage: Miami Beach Marina - +1 (305) 673-6000
Launching: Old Merrill Stevens, Spencer Boat Company - +1 (305) 394-7849 or e-mail: john@spencerboat.com

If anyone requires further assistance, such as a Friday morning weigh-in, etc. please contact IM32CA Class Admin, Joy Dunigan via e-mail or via mobile +1 (912) 398-5776.