Newly Formatted & Refined Melges 32 Rules Document

20 December 2011

All Melges 32 Owners, team and boat captains as well as crew members need to be aware that the International Melges 32 Class Association (IM32CA) has issued a newly formatted and refined rules document, in further conjunction with ISAF.

Essentially, the new rules document offers up a cleaner version of the rules to work more cohesively within ISAF's rule formatting. This class task has been long overdue. The new document does NOT incorporate any change in existing weight or hiking rules. Issuing this new document was a simple housekeeping measure.

The following rules have been updated:
• The jib batten location has been defined to prevent extreme placement and high roach jibs.
• All sails will now require a class royalty button to be installed by the sailmaker at the time of manufacture.
• Sail limitation marks will now be issued to the owners to control sail usage.
• Sail limitation marks will now be earn as you go and not a banked system.
• Helm foot pushes are optional
• Traveler cleat set up is optional
• Spreader angles shall be as from the factory

This new rules document is effective as of January 1, 2012.

Everyone is encouraged to give the new document a good read and review as you prepare for the upcoming racing season.