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2012 Key West Race Week - Competitor Announcement No. 1

5 January 2012

First and foremost, the IM32CA is proud to welcome you to this year's Key West Race Week. What a great way to kick off 2012! Please review carefully the following Melges 32 Class competitor items below designed to make your entry and experience in Key West easy, organized and more enjoyable.

Every team is required to submit a crew declaration for Key West Race Week to the Class Admin. Crew declarations are due no later than the close of business on Friday, January 6, 2012.
Submit Your Crew Declaration
View Current Crew List

PRE-REGISTRATION & WEIGH-IN (Friday & Saturday - January 13-14)
Unlike other Melges 32 Class organized simultaneous Registration and Weigh-in sessions, Key West is held over three separate days. Please acknowledge the following Class specific information:

Bow Numbers
As a Melges 32 Competitor, you are to sail ONLY with your approved, permanent class bow number. You are not required to pick-up bow numbers from the Key West Pre-Registration desk. The class has pre-organized and confirmed your bow number with Key West Race Organizers.
Need a Bow Number? Contact the Class Administrative Office immediately via e-mail at classadmin@melges32.com.

Key West Race Organizers will conduct weigh-in. Please see dates and times as indicated in the Notice of Race (NOR) under Schedule of Events.

Crew Substitutions
If your team has any last minute crew changes, it is your explicit responsibility to inform the Class Admin via e-mail at classadmin@melges32.com prior to racing.

REGISTRATION (Sunday, January 15)
International Melges 32 Class Administrator Joy Dunigan will be present on Sunday, January 15 from 09.00 until 17.00.
• 2012 Sail Limitation Marks (SLM) will be available for pick-up at Registration from the Class Administrator
• Each team MUST have a confirmed, valid 2012 Class Membership in order to receive SLMs
• Sail Declarations must be submitted to the Class Admin by the close of Registration on Sunday and are required in order to declare your team legal to race. These forms SHALL be filled out completely, otherwise they will not be accepted. For convenience, a Sail Declaration form is attached to this e-mail.

Prior to the day of registration, each team is strongly encouraged to read the newly updated IM32CA Rules Document.
View The Rules

With a new year also comes time to renew your class membership. All teams are required to do this in advance of Key West. For convenience, please fill out the attached Membership Form and return to the IM32CA Administrative Office for processing. Your 2012 Sail Limitation Marks are included with your membership.
Download A 2012 Membership Form
Fax: +1 (912) 756-6728
E-mail: classadmin@melges32.com

Joy Dunigan, IM32CA Class Administrator will be onsite in Key West beginning Sunday, January 15 through Friday, January 20. If anyone needs assistance please contact Joy via e-mail at classadmin@melges32.com or call +1 (912) 398-5776.