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Key West Racing Cancelled On Day Three

18 January 2012

Racing on day three of Quantum Key West 2012 was cancelled around 1 o’clock on Wednesday. Following a three-hour, on-land postponement, Event Organizers announced that the breeze was just not producing as they had hoped, therefore canceling all racing for the day.

To make up for missed time and races, just like Tuesday, the Race Committee will be forcing an early start and aiming to complete three races on Thursday.

Results stand as is from the close of racing on Tuesday. Benjamin Schwartz on Pisces and John Kilroy on Samba Pa Ti are seated first and second, tied in points. Alec Cutler on Hedgehog remains in third.

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TOP TEN RESULTS (After 5 Races)
1.) Benjamin Schwartz/Ed Baird, Pisces; 3-3-1-1-6 = 14
2.) John Kilroy/Lorenzo Bressani, Samba Pa Ti; 1-1-5-3-4 = 14
3.) Alec Cutler/Richard Clarke, Hedgehog; 4-2-8-4-7 = 25
4.) Vincenzo Onorato/Gabriele Benussi, Mascalzone Latino; 2-4-2-11-9 = 28
5.) Bob Hughes/Tovar Mirsky, Heartbreaker; 10-13-6-8-2 = 39
6.) Steve Howe/Morgan Larson, Warpath; 12-5-15-5-3 = 40
7.) Keisuke Suzuki/Jesper Radich, Swing; 11-9-4-12-5 = 41
8.) Steve Rhyne/Johnny Lovell, Mojo; 6-12-10-6-8= 42
9.) Makoto Uematsu/Gerry Mitchell, Esmeralda; 11-9-4-12-5 = 41
10.) Malcolm Gefter/John Mollicone, Celeritas; 8-10-17-10-1 = 46
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