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Australian Nationals and Sydney Harbor Regatta Event Crew Declarations Due March 2!

27 February 2012

All participating teams are reminded that crew declarations for both the Sydney Harbor Regatta and the Australian National Championship events are due on March 2 in order to clear each team legal to racing.

1.) Every crew member must possess an ISAF ID No. and have been granted a Sailor Classification (Group 1 or Group 3). If a crew member DOES NOT have the above information, please proceed to ISAF’s Website to acquire both.
2.) Every crew member must have the above information PRIOR to racing, otherwise the crew members shall not be permitted race.
3.) If a crew member has an ISAF ID No. and an EXPIRED Classification, it must be renewed PRIOR TO RACING. The IM32CA considers EXPIRED Group 1 Classifications, NULL and UNDER REVIEW status’ to be ‘without classification', therefore considered Group 3's by default.
4.) For teams that have questions regarding getting their team ‘across the ISAF classification finish line’, you are encouraged to contact your Regional Fleet Secretary ASAP. Sometimes, gaining and ISAF classification is not instant so you are encouraged to do this sooner than later - DO NOT WAIT.

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