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2012 Melges 32 Newport Tuning Weekend

7 May 2012

Dear Melges 32 Teams,

Argo would like to put the idea out of a informal/formal training session in August. We feel there is a long period between the last event in July and the Worlds, and as we all have our boats in Newport, it might be an easy time to get the teams together. We realize the date might not be the most ideal for everyone and it will be hard to make it suit all parties when we have US holidays and other events in close proximity but here is what we are proposing:

Date: 17th - 19th August

Location: Newport, RI

Concept: Open training session for all teams interested. The idea is to have this weekend open for everything but the sailing rules. So, open coaching through out the weekend even during the racing would be permitted. Choice of any sails at anytime. (It is not encouraged to sail before Friday!)

Friday, August 17 - Tuning 1/2 day (Split into small groups) Practice starts (emphasis on starting) finish with 1 lap race.
Saturday, August 18 - (Tuning in the morning change groups up) 4 races 2 laps but 1.2nm legs.
Sunday, August 19 - (Tuning in the morning change groups up) 2 Longer races.

Racing: Depending on the level of interest and how many boats want to do this we will try and arrange a race officer to run the days sailing with all the teams helping with the marks. We should be able to share this around and handle the mark laying between all the teams and there support boats.

To add your name to list of participants or express interest, please contact: 
Chad Corning