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COMPETITOR ANNOUNCEMENT NO. 2: U.S. National Championship

11 July 2012

As promised, please see the attached 2012 U.S. National Championship Measurement Detail Checklist. This document is designed to help Melges 32 teams prepare for the extensive measurement session taking place prior to the event at Sail Newport on July 23-25, 2012. Please read and review this document very carefully.

Preparation for this rigorous measurement session is necessary. In an effort to provide a proper inspection and measurement of each boat, please be ready by reading the detail document thoroughly.

Be ON TIME and ready for your scheduled appointment.

Several teams still have yet to make appointments for measurement. Measurement slots are now only available on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 24 and 25.

Please confirm your appointment by Friday, July 13, otherwise a measurement time will be selected for you. You may confirm an appointment by contacting the IM32CA Admin on e-mail.

Again, many thanks for your cooperation in advance.

View The Official Measurement Notice (As Issued on June 26, 2012)
View The Official Measurement Detail Checklist