Melges 32 2012 World Championship Sailing Instructions Amendment #4 Updated!

26 September 2012

Melges 32 Worlds competitors:

The Race Committee displayed flag “L” at 0859 indicating the posting of SI Amendment #4. The amendment changes Mark 1A (the offset mark) to a tetrahedron that will be the same color as Mark 1.  It also adds a requirement to inform the jury within the protest time limit of any penalty turns taken on a form available at the jury desk.

The Race Committee displayed flag “A” at 0900.  The rendezvous area will be Area “A” in the vicinity of 160o for 1.2 NM from R “2” QR Whistle marking Brenton Point. 

The first warning signal is scheduled for 1100.

Daily Awards will be presented this afternoon on the upper lawn.  We will tuck inside if the weather turns.